Need a challenge !

Oh yes, even though i have options of 6-7 prompt sites and all so wonfderful ones , with amazing writer friends meeting there, AM  OUT OF IDEAS !! Most times when i see a prompt, i wish there was more added to it , wish there was a certain rule to it to make it interesting ! Well Maybe i am just getting too many ideas ( actually its no idea😛 ) So ok friends .. am open to ideas and challenges .. Please leave your comments .. And maybe i will open a new blog to put all your ideas there for others to try ..

Ideas could be photos, phrases, words, music , art or anything !!!

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  1. N says:

    Hey, looking for ideas? Check my blog, i wrote 100 blogpost ideas a while back🙂 The link is in the top tab.



  2. Prashanth K.P. says:

    For starters, take the views of the Great Philosopher, Plato. Plato held that ideas are perfect, eternal, and immutable. Consequently, Plato considered that knowledge of material things is not really knowledge; real knowledge can only be had of unchanging ideas.

  3. Have not seen you at Poetic Asides.

    Also, you can google (in quotes) “Poem prompts” or “poetic prompts,” and there are some amazing sites that can stimulate you.

    Another thought: Read someone you don’t normally read or haven’t read in a while – either poets like Neruda or Garcia Lorca – or prose, especially Woolf and Hardy. Mostly, give yourself a rest. Let the muse catch up to you.

    Works like a charm for me. Hope this helps! Amy

  4. Hi Nimue

    I hope some of the below suggestions are of some help to you…

    1) inscriptions from very old gravestones…collect these…I photograph them so I am not standing in a cold graveyard…these can give incredibible names/life stories/emotions etc…

    2) open a dictionary or thesaurus, choose with a ‘pin’ a word and you HAVE to write something to do with that word…or maybe pick 3 or more words this way…and you HAVE to use them.

    3) A varaition on the above…write down and print out individual words…this will take some time initially, but the words will always be there for you even if your computer having a blip. You could have these words themed and keep them in different boxes/bags (obviously you have cut out the individual words first) and you pick out 1/3/5/whatever your rules are for that day…you make the rules…and you make haiku or poem with them.

    4) Another variation of the above…get a book that you don’t mind cutting up…second hand book/charity shop book/whatever…maybe one of Jane Austen or Ray Bradbury or other…different authors use different words/combinations of words…use different bags/boxes for each author….you make up the rules for that day…either pick 1/3/5/or all your words for that poem from the bag…and you HAVE to use those words…either in combination with ones you choose…or they can all be chosen from the bag/box…you make this as difficult or easy as you want…the funny thing is when you make the rules difficult you can come up with really good stuff :))

    5) Maybe do the above with old poetry books or download poetry…

    6) Have pen and pad by your bedside (preferably pen that doesnt leak or you will have interesting designs on your bedsheets) and write the first words that come to your head when you wake, whether it seems to make sense or not…this may surprise you.

    7) Write about the emotions from a dream you have that ‘speaks’ to you…not the step by step details of the dream…but the overall emotion you get from it.

    8) Go to cafe/coffee shop/whatever and write in your notebook the feelings you get from that place (or a railway or coach station and watch the people boarding and the farewells etc) . People watch and write stories about them…or a haiku.

    9) I can’t overhear conversation with being deaf, but I am pretty good at lipreading a conversation a distance away where ‘they’ don’t think anyone can ‘hear’them…some interesting stuff this way :)) But if you can over hear people then chose a snippet of the conversation or a particular word and write about that.

    10) If you have a digital camera then shut your eyes and take a pic from any direction…you then HAVE to write something about the pic or what it evokes in you or about the combination of colours…your rules apply here.

    11) Google a photo or pics and you have to write about the very first pic or the very first pic on Page 8 say for example.

    12) Cloud watch…write what you see up there…either a real pic it looks like or feelings the clouds evoke in you.

    13) Look at the bark of an interesting tree and see what is within. Maybe look at real wooden floorboards and the pictures within the knots and grain…there’s load of stuff to be found there. Also painted rough plaster walls…all kinds of faces emerge and more🙂

    Just a few ideas…hope you can find something here🙂

  5. Write Haiku’s about the love longing and loneliness…
    Here one of mine about pain… lets see if we can take it forward. I will look forward to your reply to this.

    Pain is
    When you feel like
    Stopping the sunrise.

    If you would like to read more of this poetry.. try my twitter account.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  6. ladynyo says:

    A Challenge? To write about?

    Look outside of yourself. I do this and the flooding of ‘ideas’ become quite the challenge.

    Nature is always ready and willing to stand in. Nature poems are wonderful ways to connect to those things around you. Read some ‘famous, classical’ Nature poets, like….Wordworth, Frost, etc.

    Pick a foreign culture, something as far away from what you know as possible. I am American, but I picked the Berber culture to learn about and to ultimately write about. I got two novellas out of that study.

    Do something physical out of the ordinary for you. That’s a challenge!

    I studied belly dance for 7 years…and now I sometimes teach. That gave me poems, but more so an appreciation of people in other cultures.

    I think the trick for ‘challenge’ is to look outside your life. Look around. And when you are tired of looking around….look up at the Universe!


    Lady Nyo

  7. Tell you what..I have the same thinking as you and recently started a new blog for my ideas ,you can visit my page to see it in the Author section🙂
    And if you start one, I will also be one of the participants😉

  8. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    When I write, I see a painting in words. Sometimes the prompt is not enough so I must look for images and words beyond the limit of the prompt. Sometimes I don’t like the prompt at all and do not use it. iIdo find it helpful to use the form suggested. As in Haiku Heights, it must be Haiku,5-7-5. When writing for One Single Impression I have more of an open image and word count.
    I write for Undead Poetry which I love because it’s wide open.
    Hope this was helpful.


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