His Email

Every day the same mail.

Every day it landed in same folder : SPAM

And still she replied to it, saved it separately and felt happy to get that.

After all, it was from HIS id.

It was her only excuse to mail him.

Even if her mails just said “Stop sending such bad links”

Written for Friday Flash 55

26 thoughts on “His Email

  1. Love — I hope they both figure it out, — I never check my spam,,, it deletes automatically or I clean it out and delete everything without checking, Maybe I should check now and then??

    clever 55er,

    thanks for commenting on my 55er. Have a wonderful week end.

  2. Boy… some people just have to have attention don’t they?
    Loved your 55 Lady Nimue
    Thanks for playing Today, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

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