Life changes

Changes are routines
we have grown numb to,
one day the goods reach us,
the sealed goodbye letters.

Some feelings left behind,
never the memories though
some dreams are packed away
making space for new goals.

The guests are all gone,
the audience cozy and unaware,
I pull into my last reserve
I have a reputation to take care.

I write
I reflect
I care
I am here.


Sometimes you have stuff to write, but not to write about. Its like this huge craving to read your own thoughts and yet not reveal anything going inside the head. To look around at stories happenning, and yet be selfish enough to hide from them. What if they wanted to be written and passed on ?

Someday, i will surrender.
I promise.
Someday soon i will revive this page.
This bond with words and all of you who still keep in touch here.
Someday I will be back to your world.
To your blogs.

Drifting away

Here and there
Pieces of me
My dreams
Wishes so silly
And possessive

I let them all go
Imagining to be
Feeling light and free;
But its not that way
Not even a little,
I have let go of me.

One direction, one focus,
A chance to make it happen,
Lost in the maze of life
Swinging on moods,
Am happy one second,
Pensive one night.

We all are loved
And more we all give
Does it matter i wonder
Or Another hollow promise
That we beleive
In order to live.

I want to not think
Of the corner i stand in
Using darkness to hide
From shadows of hopes
I had raised for myself,
I need to drift away, today.


A compliment that is true,
For the process I went through
In picking the right attire
And the colors and the moods,
The pink from husband’s kiss
And the peachy freshness
Of the confidence from the mirror,
The faith in my thoughts
And the beauty of my heart
Reflected on my cheeks
Made me blush, even writing this.

Being healthy – the Dabur honey Way

Summers is the best and worst time for weight loss ! Best ‘cause there are so many options for fluid intake furit diet ; worst ‘cause unless you loose weight you are going to not like what you see in the mirror . More than being comfortable with the body , I feel it is important to know how your organs feel from the inside by your lifestyle choices. I began to take note of my diet and lifestyle about 3 months back. From that day , till today it did not take me much to realize that no drastic step can help me become healthy , but it is a sum of all the small changes I bring. First healthy habit was to have lukewarm lime water with honey every morning. And to drink a lot of water all through the day. This helps in clearing the salts from body naturally by frequent urination and breaking bits of fat trapped inside the layers.

Most of the people I know struggle with the sugar intake during the day – the shakes , cold drinks ,juices in the summers and tea / coffee in the winters. I have a huge weakness for all things sweet and sugary along with an addiction for chai. Having sugarfree tea was out of question , hence the switch to honey. Same thing with milk and most fruit shakes that I prepared for my husband or self. Soon I got so habitual of using Dabur honey that now my cakes and kheer too have honey instead of sugar. Honey also helped me have more fruits as a whole meal adding corn flakes for crunch and milk on the days I feel this meal is too dry ;)

A month of practicing these diet tips , I was ready to experiment a little more. That is when I found Honey diet – the site by one of the most trusted brands in India and a household name by now. The first step was to know where I stood and what was I doing wrong. The simple BMI calculator and the Calorie counter gave me a shock. I knew I was obese but not that the simple food I was consuming had so much calories. I swear some of the counts gave me sleepless night and maybe some more hunger pangs too ;) Once I knew where I had to cut the calories , I found out the Indian Diet Plan based on my age, BMI and Calorie Intake. The Diet Planner gave me lots of Healthy recipes to help with weight loss and maintain Fitness without starving myself. Another awesome feature was the 5-minute fitness regime which made me start using the tips in routine. Since I had a pretty no-activity lifestyle , the short workout sessions suited my time and space well. Later I moved to a longer routine and better diet plans.

The thought was not that strong when I began , but as my body got used to being healthy , I saw the benefits – healthy skin , good sleep , less stress / headaches and most importantly a sense of pride in myself. Not just honey intake in food helped my food become healthy with just one simple change , the studies about its benefits show that it is much more worthy thatn we know. Honey and cinnamon powder taken in tea / food helps in anti-aging , fat-dissolving , clearing blocked arteries , reducing chances of heart attacks and so on.

Much thanks to this site and the features of a complete health package for a beginner. Do check this out and start your healthier lifestyle. It is never to late , never too much for anyone.

Love you, forever

Meant to be,

We are ,

But walk back to a moment,

We were just lovers;

Impatient , insecure,

Arrogant partly,

Mostly unsure

Of the way it will be,

Or what we wanted.

In that moment, I still feel

Hopelessly in love

With your presence

Your lingering thoughts,

Your words

Or whatever you left unsaid

With your fingertips

And lips.

And the same feelings

Flood my heart now

When I hear love vows of forever

And realize you will not be home

Tonight or tomorrow night.

What I meant to say

Perhaps is

I miss you right now,

A little too much,

You might add.

This is a rant !

There comes a point when you stop considering yourself / your views as right ; and others wrong. From admitting that other’s view is different but perhaps not wrong is a sign of growing up. I am at that point in life , but still I do not know how to deal with it. I still judge people in my own perspective. There is a mixed anger directed towards this other set of people and a little disappointment from myself . I love these people and I know they are flawed yet so much better than the world I know nothing about. These people have helped me , held me strong and held me high when life placed me at a low.

Then why is it that we cannot forgive and forget one time I felt I was let down by my friends ?

Why is it so hard to give them a benefit of doubt after all these years ?

There is so much to learn and accept !

There is so much happening in the “Grow up” phase !

I hate this.

But I still love my friends.

Beautiful skin , natural and easy way

Skin care is a full time job , be it any age. When i entered my teenage I had skin troubles due to hormonal imbalances. 10 years later it was the busy schedule , improper diet , pollution  etc taking toll on me and now , as i inch closer to 30, the age is going to show up on the face anytime. Ah ! The varied and ever present skin troubles some of us face. On top of that not each skin responds same to all treatments and care. But if you know the problem, and decide to take care of your skin regularly , it is not really hard to keep the skin peachy radiant and fresh most days ( everyday is for perfectionist. Am certainly not that)  Below are the tips and tricks i picked over the years –

1. Use a lot of water : half of the problems will never appear if the toxins are expelled from the body. Drinking lot of water will do that expertly. Also , water keeps the temperature of body regulated. Do not worry if you sweat more. Its your body expelling the salt. But do drink more water to rehyderate yourself.

Also washing face with ice cold water makes your skin feel fresh and firm.

2. Wash your face before sleeping : Never sleep with dirty face or one with make up on. Clean it well with a face wash before sleeping. This way the skin gets time to breathe and stays fresh

3. Always do a patch test for new cremes or make up : once i got a really nasty rash from a bleach creme i used. Hence the lesson to apply it on hand or behind ear before trying on face. Also avoid cheaper cosmetics and go more for organic ones. Best would be home made packs

4. Scrub your face once a week : daily cleaning will leave dead skin or dryness to still be there on face. Use besan, curd and turmeric mixture to scrub your face well every weekend. The same can be used all over the body too.

Besan , turmeric mixed with oils are used for brides too and is considered very auspicious ceremony in indian weddings.

5. Fruit therapy : not just are fruits good to be eaten for a healthy body but the fruit extracts are good for skin too. Tomato / papaya / banana are few that i frequently use on my face. Banana helps in firming the skin and has anti ageing properties. Any fruit peel can be used to clean the face and washed off with fresh water.

6. Milk and curd : raw unboiled milk or curd can also be used for dry skin mostly. Or to make face packs from other ingredients. Raw milk is also excellent conditioner for hair if applied before washing.

7. Moisturize the skin – Even the most oily skin need to be moisturized. The best way is to use a good creme in the night. This keeps the dust from sticking to the oily skin since you are at home and sleeping. Plus once you wash it off in morning, you do not have to worry about extra oily effects.


There are many organic and natural products in the market but from generations, I have seen Vicco cremes to be around and trusted much. Do try the latest VICCO TURMERIC CREAM once for a healthy glowing skin.

#MyFirstExpert – Of self defense and protests

Being a girl, the first thing everyone around you teaches you is to cover yourself , to walk properly , to stay away from strangers. As much it is the need of hour for both girls and boys , the fear , the Do’s and dont’s , the restrictions is always a little elaborate for the females.
My brother was born 10 years after me. And by then my mother had another 6 years old daughter too. She gave us our first education in good and bad touch , when to be alone and comfortable rather than be with certain people , how to dress , how to behave and to report everything to her every day.

Though I can recall one or two incidences where this education failed me and I was too ashamed to tell my mother about it , what kept my wits intact was that my mother never once told us that it would be our mistake if someone behaves bad with us. She always told us to be strong and talk about it instead of hiding out of shame.

We never would have adopted this lesson if she had not done the same when time came. Our neighbors had a college going girl who went to study at a teacher’s house. One day she came home , almost in tears and refused to go back to the teacher. My aunt and mom understood the cause and both made her sit calmly and then got out the whole incident out of her. The teacher had tried to flirt with the girl and perhaps held her hand when she decided to walk out. The girl’s mother wanted to wait for men to come home and deal with the matter. My mother on other hand was on the gate by then to settle this herself. Both the ladies went to the teacher’s house and in front of his family , scolded him for his actions. My confidence and respect for my mother and myself doubled that day.

We wanted to go for walk alone, she would give is a stick to beat anyone who dared come closer to have a feel. We went out for late night shows, he would ask about the guys with us and made us call her at 3 am to tell we had reached our PG. I would ask what to do of someone in bus tries to misbehave and she would tell me to yell on him and get seat changed immediately – his , not mine. The first time this happened and I came home complaining about one such man, i got a told in simple terms that I had lost the right to complain for i did not fight back.  In small gestures she taught us self-defence is as important as to fight when it is the only way out.

At the same time we got the lessons from her to ignore barking dogs for they suck your energy that can be better used to do awesome things. Even at the age of 50 , she has the fire to slap a 20 year old guy who dared to touch her inappropriately and that is so amazing for her to do by making the auto stop, get down, pay the driver and then turn to give one slap to the guy. Then she coolly walked away carrying her bag. She doesn’t go all crazy on us nor advises us to act in rage. She has made us and even my brother learn to stand on our own and be fair and safe always.

Today I realize her lessons and beleifs have helped me stay sane in middle of so many crisis and attacks from some crazy people around me. I owemy independence to my mother who never for once thought that her girls need protection. She knew we needed confidence and strength and that we got in our genes from her a lot.

This post was written as part of a contest for Godrej Expert :

Loving and telling about it

Over and over again , I know end up poking Yogesh and my best friends for compliments . While it is not just for a new dress or poem or something I did that day , I admit that I want to be told I am loved and accepted by them , no matter the flaws I have. Some people just accept the love in their life without questions and doubts. Not me. As much as I like to be liked by people , I am an over-thinker. And if you no one like that , be really happy ! And I would never had written this post if one of my favorite people had not pinged me last week just to say he loved me ( more worthy ‘cause we were giving silent treatment to each other from some days ). And then same day , when another friend complained that no one did anything to make her feel loved and special in life, I decided to write about it.

People , please please take time to make your friends feel special. Remind them how much they are important to you. Even the oldest of friends need such memories to sustain the same love for a long time.

Loving as as important as much telling the person about it.

So from today , do this for one of your friends every week.

Let this chain of declaring love go a long way and bring more love back to you.